Getting Started with Bloomberg

Provides an overview of how to use Bloomberg at SMU

What it is

The Bloomberg Excel Add-In is a powerful tool that delivers Bloomberg data and analytics into an Excel spreadsheet on the user’s desktop. 

To use the Excel Add-In, you must be logged into Bloomberg. 

Working with the Excel Add-In

1. Use the Spreadsheet Builder Wizard

The Spreadsheet Builder wizard makes it easy to import Bloomberg data into a spreadsheet by automatically generating the appropriate functions through an easy step-by-step process.

You can launch the Spreadsheet Builder wizard by, selecting Spreadsheet Builder from the Bloomberg Menu or by clicking on the Spreadsheet Builder icon on Excel toolbar. 

Select the type of data you want download, then follow the steps. 


2. Use Worksheet Functions in Excel

Bloomberg’s worksheet functions provide intermediate to advanced Excel users flexibility to construct their own formulas to customize the way Bloomberg data is delivered and organized in the spreadsheet. 

In the Excel Add-in, Bloomberg functions are consolidated with flexible optional parameters:

  • BDP (Bloomberg Data Point) is for current data.
  • BDH (Bloomberg Data History) is for historical end of day and historical intraday data.
  • BDS (Bloomberg Data Set) is for large data sets/ bulk data. 

When using any of the formulas, you must specify the security for which you want to retrieve data (Security), and you must specify the data item you want to retreieve (Field). The Security must be represented as (Ticker) (Market Sector), for example TGT Equity.

Fields are represented by mnemonics. Use the Field Search tool in Excel to search by category or keyword. 

For more information about the using Excel Add-in

Alternatives to using the Excel Add-In

Copying and pasting tables from Bloomberg to Excel

  1. Place cursor at the corner of table in Bloomberg.
  2. Click and drag the data you would like to copy.  Bloomberg will copy text/data automatically without Ctrl + C.
  3. In Excel, press Ctrl + V to paste the data.
  4. Click on Data menu from the top in the Excel screen and select "Text to Columns..."
  5. Select "Fixed width-general."


To save a screen go to Export, click on Take Window Screenshot. Not all screens can be saved.  You can also type GRAB <GO>

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