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Information management, social networks and big data.

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Timo Elliott’s blog contains information on analytics, big data, and social media.  He has been working with SAP Business Objects for 23 years.  Keep up-to-date on data analytics software with his blog.  

ZDNet’s blog on Big Data by Andrew Brust. Stay current on analytics software, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. ZDNet is a global provider of technology information and trends .

Robert Morton’s twitter feed .Tableau’s senior software engineer.  Keep current with Tableau from one of the engineers. 

McKinsey Insights & Publication is a knowledge bank from McKinsey & Company, which is a global management consulting firm. Be sure to look at the Functions tab for Business Technology and the Themes tab for Big Data and Advanced Analytics. 

Analytics Magazine  is a bimonthly online magazine by Informs the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.  Get the latest on all things operations and analytics.

Database Trends and Applications focuses on big data. It offers access to webinars, newsletters, white papers, analysis, and more.

9 Ways to Spot Bogus Data. An article by Geoffrey James about evaluating data featured in Inc. magazine. 

Visualising Data by Andy Kirk, a UK-based freelance data visualization specialist. The blog, resources, and references pages contain a wealth of information regarding data visualization.


Digital Analytics Association (DAA) an organization dedicated to exploration of data challenges, exploration and application.  Find information on what's happending in the industry, professional development, and events. 

IBM developerWorks: Learn from IBM is an online community for business analytics. Find applications, training, and events for data visualization predictive and social media analytics.  You can also download trials and view data visualizaiton examples.

Inside-R A community site for R sponsored by Revolution Analystics.  Find How To information on R language, R packages and industry information.

Informs: The Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences.  A society to keep informed on business operations and analytics connect with people, communities and build a career. 

The Analytics Journey to ROI takes you from the issues to the outcomes and discusses how analytics plays a role in each step. From the Accenture website and viewpoint.

Forrester Business Intelligence Reports Q3 2014

The Art of Data Visualization - Off Book - PBS Digital Studios

Edware Tufte, data visualization pioneer leads a discussion on the art of data visualization.

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