Careers Research Guide

Designed to help you learn more about career options as well as to successfully complete a job search.

Learning Resources for Career Research & Development

LinkedIn Learning (click link above)

Enhance your career-oriented knowledge and skills by investing time in learning.. Add a certificate to your LinkedIn profile upon completion of a course. Note: all videos are captioned and transcripts are searchable (use ctrl-F); some courses offer downloadable worksheets.

Search for these (and many other) career titles in LinkedIn Learning:

  • Job Searching, Interviewing, and Negotiating Salary by Big Think
  • A Career Strategist's Guide to Getting a Job (expert tips)
  • Career Advice from Some of the Biggest Names in Business (success strategies from CEOs)

  • Five Ways to Improve Your Performance (15 1-2 minute tips:for career motivated professionals)
  • Job Searching, Interviewing, and Negotiating Salary
  • Learning LinkedIn for Students (set up a profile, expand network, and find jobs)
  • Learning LinkedIn (detailed tips to create & manage your profile)
  • Learning LinkedIn Premium Career and Premium Business

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Take charge of being a life-long learner!  Seek opportunities to improve your skills, job knowledge, personal and professional career development growth.  Start now, develop career-building habits with these resources via Library Search.