Citation Help Research Guide

Access to resources to assist with citation and writing

Librarian's Tips

Tips to "POP" citations into your paper:

Plan to write while doing research.

  • Keep track of your sources and build your references/works cited list as you go; don't wait until after writing the paper or creating your presentation when you can't remember where you found the information.  Using a tool such as RefWorks will help you with this.

Organize all work as you go. 

  • Look for the Citation/Abstract view of articles in library databases to locate relevant citation information. If a sample citation is provided, always double-check it against the citation manual for accuracy.

Prepare citations for readers.

  • Consistency in the order of fields and punctuation use is of primary importance.
  • Anyone should be able to locate the same source using your citation information.

Writing Tips for Academic Papers

Using spelling and grammar checking software is popular and helpful, but it is still your job to proof-read your paper and correct all errors.  The following resources offer tips to writing, word usage, punctuation, and other elements that comprise a well-written academic paper.

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