Companies Research Guide

Focuses on resources for locating information on public, private, and non-profit companies.

Online Resources

Locating Private Company Information

Locating private company information may be a challenge, as private companies are often not required to file and/or share company information; however, private companies occasionally may be required to file forms with the SEC, such as a Form D or if was public at one time a S1. Also, check with the Secretary of State's Office for the company as some states require companies to file documents. If a public company is involved with a private company, there may be information on the private company in the public company's filings. Information on how to locate annual reports and other SEC filings can be found in the Annual Reports section of this guide.

Performing an article search for a specific private company, especially in a relevant regional or local business publication, is another method of locating private company information. See the News & Article Resources section of this guide for recommended resources.

Print Resources