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Statistics and charts from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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Prices and Statistics

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is the first place to look for historical and current energy statistics. It encompasses domestic and international energy information.

  • Information is provided by type: petroleum, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear, and renewable/alternative energy. 
  • Areas of interest Include analysis & projection, market & finance, environment, and energy disruptions.

   Tips for use

  • For pricing and statistics try the Short-Term Energy Outlook by mousing over Topics on on the main page then click its link. 
  • Try the Custom Table Builder for data on supply, consumption, inventories, and prices by energy type.
  • Most information provided by the EIA can be downloaded into Excel.

For historical NYMEX contract 1-4 prices, click on Download Series History at the top of the table to download pricing information to Excel.


International Energy Agency (IEA) is an international source for energy.  Includes pricing, consumption, production, supply and monthly statistical surveys on coal, oil, natural gas, and electricity.  

   Tips for use

  • Click Countries and select the topic of your choice.
  • Alternatively, select Data and Statistics at the bottom, and choose the country, energy source and year in the dropdown boxes.
  • Graphs can be created in the dropdown boxes.
  • Downloadable Country Reviews can be found from the home page by selecting Countries and the topic of choice under "Key Energy Research and Publications".

CME Group NYMEX trade information for oil, gas, coal and biofuels. 

   Tips for use

  • Use the drop down under "View Another Product" to choose energy such as, Brent or Henry Hub.
  • Select the tabs to see quotes, settlements, volume, times & sales, contract specs, margins and calendar.

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019  provides world energy statistics on reserves, production/consumption, and prices for oil, natural gas, and coal.  Consumption statistics available for nuclear and alternative/renewable energy.

   Tips for use

  • At the link above, click on the link to the PDF titled Statistical Review of World Energy 2019

AAA Daily Fuel Report  posts current and historical (up to one year ago) daily gas pump prices

   Tips for use

  • Click on the Map and select a state to view pump prices at state level. 
  • At the state level, click Metro Averages for more detail listing. 

  • Find gas prices for cities across the United States  Energy datasets and developer tools from multiple government sites.  Examples of datasets include Annual Fuel Economy, Annual Green Vehicle Guide, Energy Star portfolio manager, prices and production.


Department of Energy Fuel Economy Guide A website by the DOE and EPA on fuel economy. Printable electronic versions are available online.

  • Find fuel economy and annual fuel cost information for vehicles
  • Obtain vehicle-specific emissions information
  • Alternative fuel information

Key World Energy Statistics

Data and statistics

International Energy Agency (IEA)


Energy datasets and developer tools from multiple government sites can be found here.

Examples of datasets include: Annual Fuel Economy, Annual Green Vehicle Guide, Energy Star portfolio manager, prices and production.

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