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Citation Indexes

A citation analysis verifies the impact of your publication productivity by examining how often others have cited your work - and in which publications. Use of multiple resources is necessary to maximize coverage and find results in diverse publications. No source is comprehensive in its coverage of citations.


The Social Science Citation Index (SSCI):


Citation Alert Services - Learn when New Items are Published

Perma.cc for Permanent Links

What is Perma cc?

It is a service that helps prevent link rot (citation to an online source that later disappears or changes). A permanent link to web content; ensures that material cited by authors will always be accessible to readers.

When a user creates a Perma.cc link, Perma.cc archives the referenced content and generates a new unique link to an archived record of the page. Regardless of what may happen to the original source, the archived record will always be available through the Perma.cc link.

How it works

To use Perma cc, you need an account. Interested users contact the SMU registrar to set up an account. The registrar issues accounts to users; users then log in to the Perma.cc website and input a URL. Perma.cc downloads the material at that URL and generates a new URL (a “Perma.cc link”) that can then be inserted in a paper, article, blog or whatever the author needs. Readers can click on them like any other URL to take them to the web page.

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