Faculty Research Guide

Citation Indexes

A citation analysis verifies the impact of your publication productivity by examining how often others have cited your work - and in which publications. Use of multiple resources is necessary to maximize coverage and find results in diverse publications. No source is comprehensive in its coverage of citations.

Citation Alert Services - Learn when New Items are Published

Database Access

Restricted database - current students, staff and faculty

Restricted: Only current SMU students, faculty, & staff. Certificate students and alumni do not have permission to use these resources.

EZ database - off campus access using 8-digit SMU ID & password

EZ: Off-campus access using 8-digit SMU ID & password (or your last name and 14-digit SMU ID barcode number). Access these databases - anytime, anywhere.

In Business Library only database

In Library Only: Accessible only on Business Library computers and are not accessible via wireless connections. A valid SMU ID should be presented to receive a placard that must be displayed while using the computer.

Article Citation Analysis

The Business Library has tailor made for you a step by step handout to using Researcher ID, EndNote Online, and Google Scholar to create an article citation analysis.  Store and organize your citations, create citation metrics, and learn your H-Index.

The Social Science Citation Index (SSCI):


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