Finance Research Guide

Access to resources useful for financial research, including equities, IPOs, mergers & acquisitions, funds, commodities, bonds, and SEC filings.

Online Resources

Use these databases to find credit ratings for public companies.

Database Access

Restricted database - current students, staff and faculty

Restricted: Only current SMU students, faculty, & staff. Certificate students and alumni do not have permission to use these resources.

EZ database - off campus access using 8-digit SMU ID & password

EZ: Off-campus access using 8-digit SMU ID & password. Access these databases - anytime, anywhere.

In Business Library only database

In Library Only: Accessible only on Business Library computers and are not accessible via wireless connections. A valid SMU ID should be presented to receive a placard that must be displayed while using the computer.

Credit Health Panel

Access Credit Health Panel information for available companies in S&P Capital IQ. Click the images below to be taken to the database. Restricted to current SMU students, faculty, and staff. Available on specific computers in the Business Library. 

1) Access it from the search bar. Available companies will have the Credit Health Panel icon.

Credit Health Panel - S&P Capital IQ

2) Access it from the left-hand menu within the company profile page. Click on the Credit Health Panel link under Peer Analysis.

Credit Health Panel - S&P Capital IQ 2

Business Library Workshops

Register for and learn more about Business Library workshops, led by Business Library librarians, that focus on the information you will need to successfully complete your research.

Business Library Workshops: