International Business Research Guide

Focuses on international business information, both general categories and specific countries.

Specific Countries & Regions

Specific Countries & Regions are included due to being the focus of current, future, or past destinations of SMU Cox Business students' international trips.

Content Outlines - where available websites are in English:

How to view the specific country and regions web sites included in this guide:

  • Place your cursor over the "Specific Countries & Regions" tab.
  • Choose a region or country (arranged alphabetically) by clicking its name.


To give your trip a geo-location perspective, check out these maps:

WorldMap is a scalable and editable geographic map to view regions at different levels of detail; use the slider (or double-click) to enlarge image on the screen.  This is an Open Source map based on GeoNode which enables creation of custom URLs based upon your selections and scale chosen.

World Map*   Select the political tab, then a continent tab to view all countries within that region.  Scroll down below each continent's overview map for links to specific country maps.
[*All maps at are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.]


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