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Kitt Center Policies and Databases

Kitt Center Policies

  • Valid SMU ID should be presented for access to the Kitt Investing and Trading Center. 
  • Drinks only allowed in the Center in a container with a cap or lid. No food allowed.
  • Save your work to an external location, such as cloud storage or USB.
  • Files left on computer hard drives will be removed.
  • No tampering and no loading software of any kind on the computers.
  • Respectful and considerate behavior required at all times; keep voices low and take cell phone calls outside the Center.

Databases you will find in this research guide are listed below. Click the tabs on the left for detailed steps using these databases for specific searches.

Current Credit Classes held in the Kitt Center

SPRING 2020 Semester Class Schedule for the Kitt Center

Undergraduate …

  • FINA 5332-001H (Asset and Wealth Mgmt.) – R 2:00p to 4:50p (1/17 to 5/04) – Don Shelly
  • FINA 5441-001H (Alternative Assets) – T 11:00a to 12:20p (1/17 to 5/04) – Bill Maxwell
  • FINA 5441-002H (Alternative Assets) – T 12:30p to 1:50p (1/17 to 5/04) – Bill Maxwell
  • FINA 5441-003H (Alternative Assets) – T 2:00p to 3:20p (1/17 to 5/04) – Bill Maxwell

Graduate …

            Mod A

  • FINA 6238-111 (Financial Modeling) – W 2:00p to 5:15p (1/13 to 2/22) – Stacey Jacobsen
  • FINA 6238-711 (Financial Modeling) – W 6:30p to 9:45p (1/13 to 2/22) – Stacey Jacobsen

Mod B

  • None

Full Semester

  • FINA 6430-701 (Asset and Wealth Management) – R 6:30p to 9:45p (1/13 to 4/18) – Arthur Selender


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Database Access

Restricted database - current students, staff and faculty

Restricted: Only current SMU students, faculty, & staff. Certificate students and alumni do not have permission to use these resources.

EZ database - off campus access using 8-digit SMU ID & password

EZ: Off-campus access using 8-digit SMU ID & password. Access these databases - anytime, anywhere.

In Business Library only database

In Library Only: Accessible only on Business Library computers and are not accessible via wireless connections. A valid SMU ID should be presented to receive a placard that must be displayed while using the computer.