Organizational Behavior Research Guide

Resources for research on organizational behavior.

Description: MNO 4361 Research Guide

Your International Projects in the Real World assignment requires you to find authoritative research concerning your company and/or project. A basic Google search is not the best method to find the appropriate sources. This research guide will direct you toward better search methods to ensure success.  For additional information, Ask a Business Librarian.

Article Resources

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Company Resources

Using Library Search to Find Business Articles

Learn how to find articles in Library Search with this tutorial

Moving Beyond Google for Business Research

This one-hour, hands on workshop focuses on effective and efficient use of the resources you will need to successfully complete your research.

Need a different time? If you have a group of 5 or more, we can add a session for you. Send your request to Ask a Business Librarian.

Sample APA Citations

This example is based on APA 6th edition.  Check with your professor regarding the appropriate citation style for your course.

The following is an example of references on a reference page for the type of articles you will be using for this assignment. Examples of in-text references can be found in the Citation Help Research Guide.


Factiva. (2017). Toshiba Corp. [Company snapshot]. Retrieved October 8, 2017, from Factiva database

FTSE Russell. (2018). Verizon Communications, Inc. [Competitors list]. Retrieved from Mergent Intellect database 

Orkin, N. (2016, Nov. 15). Focus on the Dominican Republic. Training Magazine. Retrieved from

Rodriguez, S. (2017, October 26). Cloud computing drives massive growth for big U.S. tech firms. Reuters India. Retrieved from Factiva database

Waters, R. (2017, July 10). Google seeks to make artificial intelligence more people‐friendly. Retrieved from ABI/Inform database

Yoon, E. (2017, August 8). Tesla shows how traditional business metrics are outdated. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database